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Marquee Nightclub Las Vegas, NV

A 40 foot LED wall, 3 rooms and one massive day club pool!

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HTML5 for iPhone & iPad

Radius also allows you to show your virtual tours in a HTML5  format compatible with the iPhone® and iPad® mobile devices, which do not support Flash®. Tours include most of the features available in Radius tour hosting, including embedding a map, a logo, the hotspots for navigating between views, displaying thumbnails etc.

Embed videos that adapt to the 3D view

Create rich and vibrant virtual tours by integrating videos directly into your tours. There are two ways to display a video: either by opening it when clicking on a hotspot, or by embedding it directly into the image of the virtual tour. For example: a flat screen hangs on the wall of a hotel room. The video will launch automatically when the visitor arrives in the room and it will skew in 3D and adjust sound based on the movements made in the room.

Plenty of ways to navigate

The experience that your virtual tours allow your visitors to have is paramount. By using different navigation options, you can offer innovative ways to tour the location. Navigation and mouse zooms, navigational buttons, drop-down menus, tour map with embedded hotspots or even thumbnails of the other available views etc. Radius allows you to offer visitors a unique and rich experience they will long remember.

“Little planet” intro zoom-in effect

Impress the visitors from the very start of the tour by activating the “little planet” effect. It will display your virtual tour as a planet that unfolds in seconds to reach the standard view for navigating the tour. This gives the feeling of a total immersion in the place visited.

Add background music

To enhance the tour, Radius lets you add an overall background sound that plays automatically, but also built-in sounds that are activated by clicking on a hotspot. Thus, for a tour of a museum, for example, you can have a light background music and the playing of recorded sounds (description of a painting, a guided tour) that the visitors can launch as they wish.

Graphic Themes

For even more simplicity, Radius offers you a choice of 4 graphics themes (which define the style of the navigation buttons and navigation help window). For each theme, you can choose a main color. Nothing could be easier for giving your virtual tour a style that harmonizes with the content. You can choose between a simple light theme, a 2D theme, a 3D theme and a “graffiti” theme. With you can even go custom!

Google Maps in your virtual tours

Place the different views of your virtual tour on an embedded Google Map. If your panoramas include GPS data, they will be automatically placed on the map. If they don’t contain GPS data, you can spot their location easily by typing the location name like on Google Maps website or by filling in their GPS coordinates. What’s more, you can add a radar on the map and even customize the map’s hotspots with a proper icon or image.

Multi-view virtual tours

Let us create beautiful virtual tours including multiple views. Everything is visual and easy to jump from tour to tour.

Graphic Themes

In addition to the four themes offered, Radius will customize your own themes. So we can create your own navigation buttons and your own navigation help window, and then import them into your virtual tour. We can even change the tint of your theme’s color directly suit each visit. So each theme gives endless possibilities.